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An Immersive Comedy Experience

The Advice Panel.png

What started as an experimental show at the prestigious SoHo House in Hollywood, has quickly become a staple of the club's entertainment line-up, and has now become an in-demand bi-coastal show! With multiple shows in Los Angeles and New York, this show is quickly picking up speed and capturing attention.

What is it?

"The Advice Panel" is exactly what it sounds like. Greg moderates a discussion between him and a panel of four or five hilarious comedians as they tackle questions from the audience. These questions range from relationship advice, to career advice, and literally everything in between. Nothing is off limits! Halfway through the show, Greg takes the comedy into the crowd and starts a real-time dialog between the audience and the performers. 

Keep an eye out because, more dates are coming soon to a city near you as part of the "Advice Tour".


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