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If you want something made, you give Greg a call. Greg just knows how to get stuff done. While he has over a decade of creative experience in the entertainment industry, he also has two business degrees in Marketing and Information Systems, and over 8 years in data analytics.

You want to put on a live show? Done. You want to shoot a movie or sketch? Okay. You want to make some branded video content? Sounds good! You wanna start a podcast and do 47 episodes only to reveal you are still in love with your ex? It's a lot of work for a small pay-off, but whatever floats your boat!




Greg produces an exciting new comedy experience at the SoHo House in Downtown Los Angeles, that has quickly become a staple of the club's entertainment line-up, called "The Advice Panel". 

"The Advice Panel" is exactly what it sounds like. Greg moderates a discussion between him and a panel of five hilarious comedians as they tackle questions from the audience. These questions range from relationship advice, to career advice, and literally everything in between. Nothing is off limits!

This show is invite only, so if you'd like to check it out, reach out with your information and we can make it happen!

The Show About YOU

Outside of producing countless stand up comedy shows at SoHo House in Los Angeles, Hollywood Laugh Factory, and a number of private venues, Greg produced a completely sold out experimental sketch and stand up show in Hollywood called "The Show About YOU".

When you purchase your ticket to "The Show About YOU" you fill out a short questionnaire about yourself. Questions like... "What is your biggest fear?" and "What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?". Then we take that information and anything else we can find out about you online and write a whole sketch and stand up show show ENTIRELY ABOUT THE AUDIENCE. Every single person is mentioned and celebrated in some way.


The show is multimedia so there is video content, music, art, social media, and so much more. The next installment of this show is coming around the corner, so keep an eye out in the "Events" tab for future dates and ticket links.


A series of videos written, directed, produced for by me.