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COVID Pivot Article Written About Yours Truly

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The onslaught of COVID-19 forced every single person, no matter what career they are in, to pivot in one way or another. Everyone is pivoting! PIVOT!

If your job still exists, it looks different. If your office is closed, you're working entirely remotely. If you are an entertainer, you job has changed entirely.

Mine certainly did. I pay astronomical rent to live in Los Angeles just so I can have access to some of the biggest comedy clubs in America... talk to anyone in New York, they live the same struggle. Then all at once, comedy clubs became no more, filming shut down, theaters closed, but rent LIVES ON. Living in Los Angeles suddenly became like living in Minneapolis all over again, but with a lot less lakes and a lot more polyamorous couples.

So I pivoted, not into polyamory... although I am interested... but into podcasting for the time being. I know... I know... another comedian starts another podcast, but I don't have to apologize for that. Zoom and Instagram live shows don't feel like they are for me, so I have found my way of making the world a little more enjoyable, and I found a way of doing it in a curtained off section of my laundry room.

This article, written eloquently by Karina Margit Erdelyi, goes through my pivot and what it has meant for me. Check it out!

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