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Everyone has a different way of coping with loss. The Jews sit Shiva, the Christians have a wake, the Buddhists just transfer the bank account information to the new body the spirit has inhabited, but there is only one group of people that all seem to mourn the same way.




Dads just love to grow ill-fitting facial hair to commemorate the dead, and honestly, more power to 'em.


Dads are the flight attendants of life... when the plane is going down, they are supposed to stay cool and assure us everything is fine, knowing full well that it's definitely not fine. If all they need to help them through their hidden turmoil is more hair on their face, then who am I to stop them. 

These t-shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweaters are a perfect way to show some solidarity for your sad dad, especially if your upper lip is not ready for such a hairy commitment. Each one comes in black and white!

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