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These predatory businesses are popping up left and right, telling some bullshit story of how the meat that they sell if humanely raised and even more surprisingly humanely killed. Is there a humane way to kill something? I think killing is inherently inhumane. I mean there is a way to kill something quickly and with mercy, but humane? I'm not sure. These businesses are just profiting off of our empathy towards animals and asking us to pay more money for the way they treat them... even though we have no way to prove that they are actually kind to those animals.

This is where Greg's Tortured Meats comes in, we torture all of our meats, BUT you cannot get these kinds of low prices anywhere! Would you buy meat you knew was tortured if it cost less? And will you buy these very reasonably priced shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and accessories knowing that I wrote everything you just read? Each one comes in white, black, and a color.

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