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Made in Ukraine, grown in Minnesota, and shipped to Los Angeles, Greg Berman is a stand up comedian, actor, writer, director, producer, and candy sommelier. Hand-crafted from the finest high-energy, smart, and observational comedy, Greg Berman is 100% organic and his scripts, stand up, and films are fair trade & sustainably sourced. Originally designed for magic and illusions, recent upgrades offer additional features, including but not limited to... speaking fluent Russian, stunt and fight experience, riding motorcycles, solving rubix cubes in a minute, and playing guitar.  You may have heard his brand new comedy podcast "Greg's Guided Meditation". You may have seen him on ABC’s “The Rookie”, NBC’s "Chicago PD”, or CBS’s “NCIS”. You may have seen his stand up at any of the major comedy clubs in Los Angeles. and you just found out he wrote jokes for Bernie Sanders and Susan Sarandon. Some of those things you’ve probably heard of! That’s gotta be a good sign!

What The People SaY...


Club Booker

I like you. I know it looks like I forgot about you, but I haven't. I'll reach out when I have dates available.



This is just a hobby, right?


High School Teacher

Greg has a good work ethic, but a bit of a nuisance to other students.


ACME Comedy Club
Pourhouse Minneapolis
Special Event
Comedy Corner Underground
The Pasadena Ice House
The Hollywood Laugh Factory
Level 2 Comedy Club
The Hollywood Laugh Factory
The Pasadena Ice House
Hollywood Improv
The House of Comedy
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