A Twisted Sci-Fi Cautionary Tale

In the midst of moving from one apartment to another, I found that I had some overlap for a few days where I had a completely empty apartment... obviously I wasn't going to let a perfectly good location go to waste, and so "Battery Low" was born!

What's it about? Great question...

In a not so distant future, robots that look like humans and perform human-like activity will become more and more in demand. While these androids are stored away in empty apartment complexes, engaging with Instagram users on behalf of paying customers, a darker truth goes unnoticed. Unit #2475 is forced to silently suffer the devastating toll of consciousness, as death becomes a frequent occurrence every couple of days when his battery runs down to 0.

Written/Acted/Directed/Edited/Special Effects by Greg Berman

Sound Design/Scoring/Mixing by Jason Halogen